We Burn Bright Offerings 

The Rising Experience 

The Rising Experience is a healing experience that incorporates storytelling, energy healing, expressive movement, music & photography.

This is for women and gender nonconforming people who have a story of Rising from dark to light. Those who have lived through stormy seasons and persevered. Those who have made potions from poison, found beauty in tragedy, alchemized loss into gain, and turned adversity into inspiration. By sharing their stories they encourage others to do the same.

HOW IT Works: 

Phase One

1. Participants are coached in story curation.  You will be sent a writing assignment with a list of questions, to help you to start to think about your Rising story. The Rising Creatresses will then help you find the gems in your story and illuminate the threads that connect all of our stories together.

2. Participants share their story with other participants. The Rising community will hold your pain and reflect your light.

3. Participants receive energy healing and spiritual guidance. Healing practitioners will prepare you to express your story through art.

Phase Two

1.Sunrise Photoshoot. You will be lead through movement and sound exercises to express your story in a sunrise photoshoot, when dark comes to light.

2. Rising Expression. The Rising photos you selected will be shared at live events, through social media and in healing workshops. In addition to Rising publications, you will receive 25 high res, professionally edited photos to share with the the world however you choose.

The Goddess Experience

The Goddess Experience is a place for women to feel strong, empowered and beautiful. 

You are a powerful, resilient GODDESS with infinite potential -- we just help you see what you already are.

This intentional photoshoot will leave you feeling empowered, magical, & sexy -- like the badass sparkly Goddess you ARE.

The Goddess Experience feeds our deep passion for empowering women to experience their full potential. The preparation for these shoots involves deep and vulnerable reflection. Participants are guided and supported throughout the process and the result is the opportunity to capture authentic moments of expressed inner nature.

HOW IT Works:

Goddesses are coached in embodying their feminine essence. The Goddess Guides will lead you through movement and sound exercises to get you in touch with your power.

Goddesses are lead through a dynamic photoshoot. You will be supported in expressing yourself as the magical Goddess that lives inside you. 

This intentional photoshoot incorporates affirmations and inspiration -- leaving you feeling empowered, beautiful and powerful as you already are.  25 high res, professionally edited photos will be yours to keep. Boom.