Who We are

We are a group of Creatresses who have known heartbreaking and life-altering tragedies and are making beauty from our pain. We each have a Rising story, a healing journey from dark to light. We have come together to share these stories and remind the world that we all have the ability to Rise. We honor the dark and celebrate the light.

What do we do

We curate healing and empowering storytelling experiences that incorporate ceremony, energy healing, expressive movement, music & photography. We currently focus our work with women and gender nonconforming people who have a story of Rising from dark to light.  


  • We are meant to connect. 

  • We are meant to share with one another how we make sense of the challenges we face. 

  • We are meant to be vulnerable with each other.

  • We are meant to share powerful wisdom. 

  • We are meant to tell our stories.

  • We are meant to learn from stories.

  • We are meant to lift each other up. 


β€œThe wound is the place

where the Light enters you.”